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Homeowner Personal Property Inventory

Homeowner Personal Property Inventory

In the event your home should experience a fire or theft, are you ready to provide documentation for an insurance claim?

Personal Property Inventory is a service that completely inventories your belongings. The inventory is stored on (2) DVDs. You keep one copy and the other is store in a climate controlled secure vault to maintain redundancy. You are provided a secure pass code to access the second DVD in the event you need it or want to update the inventory recorded. 

Prices for a complete personal property inventory start $99. an up, based on number of rooms inventoried.



Kevin Molloy, State Farm Agent New Lenox, Illinois

Having been in the insurance business in both claims and sales for over twenty-eight years, I can comfortably say that hte the Homeowner Personal Property Inventory offered by Professional Home Inspection Services is a product worth it's weight in gold. Both assisting the adjuster in the claim handling process, as well as giving the client peace of mind in knowing that someone else is looking out for them if a claim were to occur.

In life, people are busy and as much as they think they will find time to take the necessary videos to protect themselves from an unexpected loss of personal property from fire or theft, they seem to put it on the back burner and they never gets around to it.

Hiring Professional Home Inspection Services will insure the client will get the video documentation they need. In less than two hours, the client will have a DVD for their record and a second DVD in a secure location for their record.   


Margit Mackiewicz, Country Financial Insurance Company Crete, Illinois

For years I have been waiting for a company such as Professional Home Inspection Service to become a reality.

Client's biggest fears are realized AFTER a fire destroys their home and personal property or someone breaks into their home and takes their belongings. When the insurance company looks for documentation on their inventory, in many cases they have none which can only prolong the claim process. Professional Home Inspection Service eliminates this fear by providing this service to inventory their home and positions.

For about $100.00 the service comes out to help you document your belongings and provides you with a DVD copy of what you have. In addition to this, they keep a copy in a client controlled vault wit a security code you will be able to acess the DVD for an update.  


Vic Bernardi, Bernardi Insurance Chicago Heights, Illinois  

In thinking about all of the services that are out there that would really benefit our clients if they were to suffer a loss, the Homeowner Personal Property Inventory service would rank up near the top as one of the best.

I can't imagine a client not feeling better about the fact that they have a rock solid inventory to hand over to an insurance adjuster if a fire or theft occurred. For around $100.00 you will have your own DVD and a second in controlled storage facility to use for updates OR if your copy was destroyed in a fire or stolen during the break in.

Who can argue the benefits of Professional Home Inspection Service coming out and taking an inventory of what you own. Why not do it yourself? Time and apathy always win out, and it never gets done. 

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