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Inspection Protections

Home Inspection Provides Protection

The sale of every house is unique, but one need is common to every buyer - a professional home inspection. Not only does a home inspection evaluate the physical condition of a home and identify needed repaires, it can predict the lifespan of major components such as the roof, furnace, or water heater.

Many homeowners, however, confuse an apprasial with an inspection.  An appraisal simply gauges the current market value of a home and whether it meets a lender's financing guidelines. A professional inspection, however, can pinpoint problems in a home that could be costly to repair.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U. S. Surgon General also recommend that all houses be tested for Radon emissions. If you decide to test for Radon, you may do so before or after signing your contract, providing the agreement states that your purchase offer is contingent upon the test results.

Of course, buyers are not theonly people who hire home inspectors. Savvy sellers also use inspectors to spot problem areas before placing their properties on the market.

Expect to pay and average of $350 to $500 for a professional home inspection, which should include a detailed written report of the home's condition and suggested improvements.  What if the report reveals problems?  No house is perfect.  If the inspector identifies problems, it simply means you'll know what to expect.  And if significant problems are found, the seller may agree to make repairs.  Remember, however, that it's the buyer's responsibility -- and right -- to have a property inspected before finalizing the sale.

The American Society of Home Inspectors provides much more information about home inspections and links to accredited home inspectors at   

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